Is Organic Skin Care Really Important?

organic skin care

How important is it to make sure that you buy organic skin care products instead of what sells regularly?

There are all kinds of reasons why you need to stay away from strange chemicals. For instance, when you read up on why children get autism, one of the reasons they say this happens is that there are all kinds of strange chemicals in our environment that can affect fetuses. We don’t even know what all these petroleum derived chemicals that they put in our cosmetics will do to us one day. Why take a risk? The FDA doesn’t even require the cosmetics companies to test the chemicals they put in your creams and lotions.

Merely going with organic skin care products doesn’t guarantee for you is that those products will be chemical-free either. It’s just that the government only requires food products that are stated to be organic to be chemical-free. They don’t have anything much to say about cosmetic products. And that leaves the door wide open. Why, even the food industry is not monitored that closely. You have USDA labels for organic produce that say “75% organic” and so on. What does that even mean?

The FDA doesn’t think that it needs to monitor the chemicals in your cosmetics because they believe that those levels are just too low for them to care. The thing is, that even if you just use a little bit of stuff every day, the fatty tissues in your body can accumulate these chemicals. For instance, paraben is a chemical that they use in most cosmetic products. And studies have found that 90% of all breast cancers actually contain parabens in the tissues.

Does it mean something? Well, it probably does, even if nothing’s been proven yet.

There’s another chemical called laureth sulfate that you seen in practically everything that they sell for your hair – shampoos and so on. It’s a detergent. In people who have sensitive skin and people who are allergy-prone, this class of chemicals can cause severe allergic reactions.

As an American consumer, you should be completely alarmed that the government is allowing anyone to put anything in the cosmetics that you feel will make you look beautiful and look healthy. When the government stays out of regulating these things, bad things happen.

You should probably not play around with something this important. You should probably go with complete organic skin care.

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