My Doctor Would Not Believe My Symptoms – A Patient’s Tale

whiplashI had a car accident rather a long time ago. It was not a big deal, just a quick shunt to the rear of my car. My insurance company advised me to visit my doctor  to see if I had suffered a Whiplash injury. Fortunately, I only had a bit of a sore neck and that seemed to fix itself within a couple of days. However, a few years later, I started to suffer from the most bizarre symptoms, and I actually thought that I was going mad.

Swimming Made Me Nauseous

I have always loved swimming and used to swim 1000 meters twice per week. One day, after a couple of lengths, I started to feel really nauseous and my head was spinning. To be honest, I barely made it out of the swimming pool. It was kind of embarrassing but fortunately after a few minutes my head cleared and I managed to drive home. Next week, when I went swimming again, I experienced the same thing and started to believe something new had been added to the water. However, the sports center explained that the water quality was the same and no chemicals had been added.

Help! I Cannot See the Screen

In the end I gave up on swimming and started going walking instead. Walking actually made me feel a bit better and helped me to deal with that persistent neck and upper back ache that I had been feeling for some time. But, for some reason other very bizarre symptoms were creeping into my life.

Work never used to stress me out, but for some reason it was making me feel really irritable. I had a hard time concentrating and I got “niggled” over the slightest little thing. When these episodes occurred, I noticed that my neck often felt stiff and I wanted to lean me head back to “release” my neck.

Working late one evening, I found that I was suddenly unable to see the screen on my computer. My vision had become blurred and the spread sheet that I was working on was just a blur. I have to admit that it frightened me, and I decided to make an appointment with my doctor.

Believe Me Please…

A few days later I found myself in the doctor’s office explaining all of my bizarre symptoms. He looked a bit baffled and surprised, and I was sure that I was suffering from a serious medical condition such as brain tumour. He looked into my eyes, and explained that I was not. But, my blood pressure was a little bit raised, so he gave me a diagnosis of stress. He said that my mind was playing tricks on me, and I had to learn how to relax.

I quickly explained that I was not stressed about anything, but I felt like my body was not my own anymore. Not only was the blurred vision getting to me, but I had problems sleeping as well and I was always feeling tired. I was even experiencing problems with swallowing and I felt that my head was going to explode when I leant forward. It was all stress the doctor explained, and said that he found it hard to believe that my symptoms were physical. He called them manifestations of stress, a statement which I did not agree with at all.

Anyway despite being signed off sick for two weeks, my symptoms did not improve and I actually passed out whilst shopping. My friend who is in the medical field referred me to a colleague of his who having taken notes, paused then asked when I had had my road accident. I was very surprised as I had totally forgotten about this. He said that the symptoms were clearly caused by that earlier accident and referred me on again.

I went to a wonderful  chiropractor who explained it all to me and with a course of treatment, my new best friend the chiropractor sorted me out. I left the session feeling much better and within a short period of time and some extensive treatment, my symptoms started to subside and I was able to return to the pool and my dizzy spells stopped.

Now I have the occasional top up and can recognize the symptoms if I am going to start having any problems with my neck. I know that this is a life long condition but with the help of my chiropractor I am able to manage it and live my life to the full again.

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