Fish Oil For Memory

When you think of memory supplements such as those specialist ones containing ingredients like ginkgo Biloba you might think you are getting specialist ingredients but the truth is the right fish oil can have a powerful effect too, provide many more benefits and be much more cost-effective than most of the other memory supplements.
Their secret is the omega 3 fats they contain, with the main two being DHA and EPA. It is now known that the DHA fats are responsible for most of the health benefits, especially for the brain.
The DHA fats are the most abundant type of fats in your brain, and the body does not make these omega 3 fats so they must come from your diet and most people are deficient in them!
One of the reasons that they make such good memory supplements is because they help to keep the membranes in the brain healthy and keep the neural pathways clear of debris which can slow up the speed and reduce the quality of the transmissions.
Studies have shown that taking these oils for six months resulted in improved cognitive awareness and improved memory in people aged 65 and over.
DHA fats have recently been linked to preventing Alzheimer’s, and although more research is needed, they appear to prevent the harmful plaques forming in the brain that lead to this degenerative condition.
With dementia looking set to become the major healthcare issue of all time with an aging population, it ‘s nice to know that something as simple as taking a daily fish oil can help to prevent it.
It is also important to know that these oils contribute to improve your cardiovascular health and reduce your chances of premature sudden death from a stroke or heart attack by 40%. They also balance your cholesterol, lower high blood pressure and help to halt or slow down age-related eye disease (AMD).

So How Do You Find The Best Fish Oils?

As you can see, DHA fats are very important, but most fish oil memory supplements have more EPA in as it is cheaper to use and boosts the company’s profits.
Look for a 2:1 ratio of DHA to EPA with a minimum of 270mg of DHA in each 1000mg capsule.
As many fish carry traces of harmful contaminants today, any oil you use should be molecularly distilled to remove these toxins effectively, just check the label or website.

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