Burning Feet Problems

Why do my feet feel so hot, yet they seem to have less sensation?
When an individual has a burning sensation in their feet while also experiencing an overall loss of sensation, this can be attributed to damaged sensory nerves. Having this combination of symptoms at the same time is unpleasant and uncomfortable.

How Sensory Nerves Work

The sensory nerves are responsible for sending electrical impulses from a specific area of the body, such as the feet, to the brain. When these nerves become damaged, they can be less sensitive to the touch, but are still fully capable of feeling as if they are on fire since the nerve itself remains very active. Thus, the confusing array of symptoms being to appear and worsen over time.

Ways These Nerves Become Damaged

There are a number of ways that sensory nerves can become damaged. Damage can be caused by a compressed spine or injury to a part of the spinal column such as with a herniated disc. Anytime you compress or disrupt the alignment of the spine, you are essentially crushing and pinching a portion of the nerves which run to a specific area within the body.
Damage can also be inflicted because of illness, such as from diabetes. When blood sugar levels are allowed to run out of control for an extended period of time, the nerves are just one of the major components of the body which are negatively impacted.

Treatment Options

Treatment options for damaged sensory nerves varies depending on the extent of the damage. The main thing to do for these affected areas is to get plenty of rest, as this will help to prevent the damage from becoming worse.
Doctors will sometimes recommend that an individual alternate ice and heat to the area to reduce inflammation in the surrounding soft tissue and to help relax the nerves and the corresponding muscles. It might also be necessary to prescribe anti-inflammatory medications or even cortisone injections to help relieve the inflammation.

When To See a Doctor

Anytime you begin to feel a loss of feeling or a tingling, burning or prickly sensation in the feet, you should make sure to see a doctor immediately. Since this type of damage is not going to remedy itself without assistance, it is important to focus on recovery as soon as symptoms begin to appear. This will not only prevent the damage from increasing in intensity, but you lessen the chance that the damage will be permanent or produce long-term complications.

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